• Project Management
  • Copyediting
  • Proof-reading
  • Typesetting
  • Art Drawing
  • Data Entry

Project Management

Our project management services (expandable) comprise the following:

Managing and coordinating the entire project starting from receipt of handover notes from the publisher to dispatch of final files. (The steps involved are: Copyediting, Pagination, Proofing, CRC, XML, and E-book generation). We assure planning a schedule with/for the publisher to meet the deadlines; implementing the project plan; and ensure flawless execution, liaising with everyone involved in the project including Authors, Editors and Production departments;
providing quick resolution of client queries; keeping track of manuscripts and page proofs through the entire phase of production; maintaining following-up and schedule to meet the deadline.


Helping authors polish their articles for submission to journals and also providing publishers a platform to get manuscripts edited is our another working area. Our editorial team is well versed in both British and American English and we edit manuscripts for both language and style.

The raw manuscript received will undergo the following:

1. Pre-editing and Tagging: This stage involves the formatting of the text and allows to generate a clean file for the copyeditors.

2. Editing: The manuscript here is checked for language and style components as per the preferred style. The level of intervention at this stage could vary depending on the quality of the manuscript and also the requirement of the client. These levels include:

  • Copyediting: In this the manuscript is checked for basic grammar (spellings, incomplete and unclear sentences, UK/US preference).
  • Languages Editing: In this the manuscript is checked for language. Sentences are rephrased and edited for improving the content.

3. Referencing: The reference section is taken care of at this stage. Our team is equipped to handle CMS, APA and AMA styles of referencing.

4. Quality Control: Final check is done on the file to ensure that quality standards are met.

We edit different types of manuscripts: books, journal articles, documents, notes, theses, bibliographies, etc.


Professional proofreading is done by trained personnel in specific composition processes and publication styles used for the project, based on subject matter and format. Our proofreaders go through the editorial brief, style sheet, typesetting specs, and any unique instructions for the title thoroughly before reviewing the proofs. They read the pages thoroughly to ensure integrity of content, cohesiveness and consistency of style.


Typesetting of books and journals is finesse at FIDUS. With a team of experienced and skilled typesetters, we ensure providing quality typesetting solutions for complex math formulas, chemistry, physics, medicine, phonetics, complicated tables, scientific books and journals with absolute ease.

Our typesetting services include redrawing, editing and relabelling illustrations electronically.

Auto-pagination with XML

With auto-pagination presently being in demand in the industry, we have invested in our auto-pagination software using which we can print, generate XML, and prepare ePUB files all-together. Now a day, every publisher demand such services.

  • Auto-tagging and auto-layout as per design template.
  • Automatically placing images and tables along-with their captions.
  • Generating XML output using a pre-defined template as per customer's specifications.

Art Drawing

We are well-equipped to deliver art-rendering services to our clients for various types of art and graphics including complex illustrations, chemical structures, diagrams, charts, maps and web elements.

Over the years, our graphic designers have acquired quality experience in electronic art enhancement and we are equipped to proficiently manage the following:

  • Image correction
  • Color improvement & balancing
  • Retouching of art relabelling
  • Color to B/W conversion
  • Image ancillary
  • Hand-drawn sketches
  • Picture scanning (both color/black-white)

Data Entry

With our dedicated team of professionals, we have proven to be a favorite in the field of data entry and text-processing services. We specialize in the processing of trade books, medical books, and different kind of journals. At FIDUS, to ensure high accuracy, the data entry process includes double keying and triple verification followed by proof reading and editing. We use our in-house developed proprietary software to provide error-free keying and verification.

We can capture data from any form, be it, printed matter, manuscripts, scanned images, etc. with a high level of accuracy. Whether you have data available on hard copy or written forms, we extract this information and post it into specified fields to make digital files.

Various coding methods that we specialize in are XML, HTML, MS-Word, etc. We also provide coding, as per clients' specifications.

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