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Reflowable Ebooks

The Fidus team has expertized in converting books into reflowable ebooks. Our in-depth knowledge allows us to continuously improve our tools and technologies to ensure the best possible results. Our skilled team is highly passionate about taking up challenges and finding solutions for our Customers.

We optimize ebooks to have the same reading experience across eBook readers. We use separate stylesheet (CSS) to format content, which allows one to make global changes to the eBook design.

We hyperlink valid URLs and also cross-link them in both directions. Readers can click on contents, notes, or figure/table citations, and can also go back to the location in the text.

Fidus offers conversion for ePUB 2, Mobi and ePUB 3 format.

Fixed-Layout Ebooks

Fixed-layout ebooks increase the enhancement of the reading experience, depending on the platform used. The following provide details of the different platforms:

Audio Books (iBooks): These include books with synchronized audio narration and word-by-word highlighting, integrated video and audio files, HTML5 and JavaScript interactivity.

Fixed-Layout (searchable): Our in-house software automatically creates image-based ePub, with searchable text option, hyperlinks to valid URLs, and also do cross-link in both directions. Readers can click on contents, notes or figure/table citations and can go back and forth.

Amazon Kindle: We offer ebook conversion for KF8 with region magnification (Kindle Panel View for comics). We convert all the speech bubbles and text into pop-up text. The pop-up text is straightforward to read by children.

Interactive PDF

Fidus specializes in PDF conversion services. We convert paper/scanned documents into compact, searchable PDF files. Enhanced PDF can have bookmarks, hyperlinks to valid URLs, and also cross-links in both directions.

PDF forms: We can transform your pages into fillable pdf forms. By adding checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdown, calendars, date/time stamps fields and more. The custom needs for a form or calculations that require javascript coding are also taken care of by us.

We can design layout of form, optimize size and placement of each text field. We nicely place tables or figure element and align all list items.

XML Conversion

Fidus provides XML conversion service using the best blend of tools and technology. Our expert team carefully evaluates the data and plan tagging accordingly.

Our in-house proprietary software automatically well-formed XML data and validates using specified instructions. Our workflow is not only simple and straightforward, but it's unique too.

Tagging references, figures, tables, and linking them with their citations is fully automatic.

Our XML conversion services include:

  • Word to XML
  • RTF to XML
  • HTMl to XML
  • PDF to XMl
  • Text to XML
  • Excel to XML

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